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After an accurate diagnosis by a vein specialist (phlebologist), a suitable form of treatment can be determined. Whether it be active (operation - sclerotherapy) or passive (compression stockings and medication), depends entirely on the current state of your varicose veins and your aesthetic preferences. With these variables in mind, one of the three following treatments is possible:


I have been successfully practising this technique since 1990. Even after surgery on large varicose veins, it leaves only the tiniest of scars, which are scarcely visible to the naked eye after one or two years.
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Before surgery
 2½ months after surgery


This exclusive, transilluminated, high-tech system is relatively new. I have performed over 1000 operations using this technique since 2001 – with great results.
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Conservative Method

Naturally there are other options for treating your varicose vein problems without surgery. However this form of treatment may last a lifetime.
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Dr. med. Claudia L. Yattara-Baratti | FMH Chirurgie/Phlebologie SGP