Healthy legs are beautiful legs.

This is my philosophy. I would even go a step further and say: you can feel good about going anywhere if you have beautiful legs.

We are not talking here about entrenched notions of ideal beauty, but rather about your own personal aspirations. Or, in the case of varicose veins, about something you find quite unattractive that can also harbour some very serious health risks.

For me personally it is about two things in particular. Firstly, that you are happy with your legs and secondly, that your legs are happy with you. Good health quite simply offers you more freedom. Good health can also help alleviate fears about an uncertain future. In other words, good health combined with good looks forms the basis of your enjoyment of life.

Health and beauty should not be seen as a myth. They should be carefully tuned to your individual sense of self and work in harmony with you.

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Dr. med. Claudia L. Yattara-Baratti | FMH Chirurgie/Phlebologie SGP